Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D., C.Psych.
November 2014

The pace of change is quickening….

First, the new by-laws have been reviewed by the transitional committee. We now need members to vote to approve these by-laws. Please watch for the link in  your e-mail and vote by this Friday, December 5. To renew  your membership, visit

After the by-laws are approved, we will proceed with electing the new Board of Directors. All our original Board members have decided not to stay on after more than ten years of service. The new slate of Board Directors will be responsible for work in the following areas: Membership, Publications, Education, Website development, Fund raising, etc.  Details of nomination and election of Directors will be released soon.

Second, our application for a new International Journal of Meaning and Purpose has been received by the Journal Group of Routledge publisher with enthusiasm. It has now been sent out for peer review. So far, the following individuals have agreed to serve as Associate Editors: Dr. Michael Steger (Colorado State University), Dr. Edward Chang (University of Michigan), Dr. Crystal Park (University of Connecticut), Dr. Brent Potter (R. D. Laing Institute), Dr. Alexander Batthyány (Vienna Medical School), Dr. Dmitry Leontiev (Moscow State University), Dr. K. K. Hwang (National University of Taipei), Dr. Ajit Dalal (Allahabad University), and Dr. Joel Vos (University of Roehampton).  The following have agreed to serve on the Editorial Board: Dr. Jonathan Raskin (State University of New York at New Paltz), Dr. Alan Waterman (The College of New Jersey), Dr. Mick Cooper (University of Roehampton), and Dr. William Breitbart (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center). More names will be added shortly. Stay tuned for further developments.

Third, we have just started the 4th cycle of Meaningful Living Group (  I have been able to condense the 12 lessons from our previous cycles to 3 basic lessons in a brief introductory course to Meaningful Living: (1) Exploring your personal world, (2) Exploring your relational world and (3) Exploring your spiritual world.  I believe that these three areas constitute our core essence or the tripartite human nature – Self, Others, and the Higher Power.  We will experience wholeness, meaningfulness and fulfillment only when we learn how to integrate these three aspects of personhood in our daily living.

Fourth, in addition to the above free short introductory course to meaningful living, we will launch a 2-year master level program on meaning-centered Counselling and Psychotherapy. It represents my vision to provide quality education at an affordable price to train many meaning-centered psychologists, counsellors, and coaches in order to enhance mental health and create a more humane society.  So far, the following have expressed interested in teaching in this program: Dr. Brent Potter, Dr. Lilian C. J. Wong, Dr. Paul T. P. Wong, and Dr. Robert Neimeyer. The first course of this program is the Safe and Effective Use of Self in Psychotherapy, to be taught by Lilian Wong and myself. You can register here. This teaching program will also generate much-needed revenue for INPM: The new board will decide on the stipend for faculty.

Finally, I am excited that Dr. Brent Potter will be succeeding me. I urge everyone to show your support by renewing your membership as well as sending him a word of encouragement ( .