November 2014

After 30 years of working in the corporate world, I decided to escape from my 9-to-5 grind, and set sail to explore my own quest for meaning. Life has to be more than career, deadlines, and obligations. What about my lifelong dreams?

I went on the path to reflect, reimagine, and reinvent. Given the gift of time, I did much reflection about the past, wildly reimagined what life could be, and how I could reinvent myself to become who I was meant to be. I felt the need to connect with the outside world more. I leisurely browsed through the web to search for some interesting local meetup groups to attend, expecting not much.

Toronto Meaningful Living Meetup GroupSuddenly, across the screen, an image of a friendly man holding a blue scarf kept smiling at me. Curiosity struck me, and I kept reading through the descriptions posted under the Toronto Meaningful Living Group. I couldn’t believe such a generous offer was real: Two expert clinical psychologists, counsellors, and professors opening up their private home to strangers for bi-weekly meetup meetings, free of charge?

Apparently, the group was active since 2011. The content links took me to pages after pages of Dr. Paul T.P. Wong’s writings and research papers. I was skeptical yet hoping this wasn’t a scam. This group was meant for me!

I signed up right away on January 23, 2013. The meetup meetings were held every other Sunday. The 12-week program was well-planned and meticulously-prepared. Each session consisted of a 30-minute lecture by Dr. Paul Wong, followed by small-group facilitated discussions.

My journey of a Meaning-Centered therapist started as I attended the 2013 Toronto Meaningful Living Group. Dr. Wong spoke about these topics in the meetup meetings:.

1.      Know Yourself: The foundation for a meaningful life

2.      How to make your life count – by discovering what really matters

3.      Is life worth living? Discover Viktor Frankl’s profound answer

4.      What is the meaning of meaning?

5.      How can I find happiness when things don’t go my way?

6.      Why meaning can make all the difference in your life: Using PMP & PURE as guides

7.      What is the key to better relationships? Learn why other people matter

8.      How do I overcome adversity – Use the ABCDE strategy to build resilience

9.      What’s the best way to face reality? Learn the Yin-Yang principle

10.    What do I do when I feel stuck or trapped? Learn to use the double vision strategy

My own quest for meaning has taken me to people and places that are beyond my imagination. One of the greatest gifts is knowing a loving couple who exemplify wisdom, resiliency, humility and grace. Drs. Paul and Lilian Wong have touched my heart and opened my eyes. Their toil and persistence in spreading the message about human flourishing through meaning is invigorating.

INPM will continue to thrive and impact lives drawing on the universal human quest for meaning. Let’s celebrate our past and keep moving forward!


Thank you,

Joyce Li | Speaker, Counsellor, Author

 Summer Institute 2013