By Brent Potter, Ph.D.
November 2014

It is my pleasure to write this, my first newsletter of the INPM!

For those of you who do not know me, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Brent Potter and I have been nominated for president-elect of the INPM. I have spent quite a few months now in dialogue with Paul and Lilian concerning the various strengths and areas for growth in the INPM. Most importantly, we’ve been discussing these things in light of the INPM’s viability moving into the future. So our conversations have been a sustained and sober look at some of the challenges facing the INPM as well as many of its strengths, which include a dedicated and diverse membership and several new projects taking shape. Among these are:

  • INPM Press
  • Increased educational opportunities, including a certificate program
  • The possibility of hosting the Meaning Conference in the US
  • Moving the INPM journal to a major academic publisher

The INPM is also undertaking some very positive structural growth processes, which include:

  • Completing review of the by-laws with the Transitional Committee
  • Organizing a new Board of Directors
  • Approving the new President-Elect
  • Increasing membership and visibility
  • Solidifying fiscal viability

This is by no means a comprehensive or exhaustive list of the many happenings going on right now, but I hope it gives you a ‘snapshot.’ As you can guess, each of these items could have many subheadings and hours of discussion. More information will be provided as these processes develop and I am available for any questions or suggestions you may have. Now, having touched upon the business items, please allow me to tell you a little bit more about me personally.

I am a licensed psychotherapist, child mental health specialist, and ethnic minority mental health specialist (WA). I earned my master’s degree in existential-phenomenological psychology from Duquesne University. I hold a doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in depth psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute. I have more than 20 years of experience providing clinical services in a range of settings including inpatient and outpatient in hospitals, and private practice. I am the author of Elements of Self-Destruction (Karnac Books), Elements of Reparation: Truth, Faith, & Transformation in the Works of Heidegger, Bion, & Beyond (Karnac Books), and Borderline Personality Disorder: New Perspectives on a Stigmatizing and Overused Diagnosis (Praeger, co-authored with Jacqueline Gunn). I am a reviewer with New York Journal of Books, the author of numerous scholarly articles, and have been active in a variety of different organizations over the last two decades.

I have formally accepted Dr. Paul Wong’s nomination of me for President-Elect of the INPM. This nomination has been seconded by Daniel Jordan, a sponsor of the INPM conference.

I did not accept this nomination lightly. I took time to contemplate what such a commitment would mean and entered into discussion with colleagues, friends and family. It became clear to me that the passion I have brought to my two decades of work in the field is consistent with the mission statement of the INPM. I understand well that this is a service position and that, if elected, it will require teamwork, dedication and focus to move the INPM into the future in a vital fashion.

I am immensely grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to run for this position. I look forward to the possibility of working with each of you as President-Elect; to support our core mission of advancing the health, spirituality, peace, and human fulfillment through research, education, and services with a focus on the universal human quest for meaning.

I welcome correspondence. I can be found on Facebook (, my email is and my cell is 818.337.9701.

I can’t do everything alone. The INPM is a ‘we’ project. Your input is vital to the INPM moving into the future. Please don’t hesitate to send any questions or suggestions my way. I look forward to being of service to you and the INPM.