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INPM’s Unique Characteristics

Since 1998, INPM has existed as a unique membership organization with a noble mission.

  1. It is truly an international and interdisciplinary “Big Tent,” open to all individuals interested in its mission regardless of their theoretical orientations or ideological beliefs.
  2. It is the only organization totally dedicated to the advancement of meaning research and meaning interventions for the betterment of humanity.
  3. Although it was founded by Dr. Paul T. P. Wong to advance Dr. Viktor Frankl’s ideals, it is not a purely logotherapeutic association; INPM functions as a hub that links to different approaches of meaning research and interventions.
  4. It is the only association in which friendship and collaboration in research can take place between individuals who would not have the opportunity to meet in a homogenous association.
  5. Because of its open-minded Big Tent philosophy, it tends to attract members who favour a pluralistic and holistic approach to research and therapy.
  6. Its notable accomplishments include the Biennial International Meaning Conferences and existential positive psychology and second wave positive psychology (PP2.0) based on integrating positive psychology and existential psychology. These developments are impacting both mainstream psychology and the global village.
  7. Its brand of interventions includes the meaning-centered approach to counselling, therapy and coaching, addiction recovery, positive organization, and positive education.

Individual Benefits for Members

  1. The privilege of being part of an international team in advancing meaning, spirituality, harmony, and world peace.
  2. The privilege of making a difference together in promoting mental health, well-being, and human flourishing through meaning.
  3. The privilege of posting opinion pieces or research articles on our website.
  4. Networking with researchers, psychologists, and other professionals.
  5. Free consultation on meaning-centered research and psychotherapy.
  6. Free subscription to our online journals.
  7. Free use of Dr. Paul T. P. Wong’s psychological instruments and tests.
  8. Access to a complete archive of all past articles posted on ca.
  9. Receiving a 20% discount off the INPM’s workshops, conferences, and publications.
  10. Opportunities for licensure in meaning-centered therapy.
  11. Leadership opportunities in the development of the INPM.
  12. Involvement in various projects and activities initiated by the INPM.

Involvement Opportunities for Members 

  1. Contributing to the Positive Living Newsletter.
  2. Contributing to the International Journal of Existential Positive Psychology (IJEPP; formally known as the International Journal of Existential Psychology & Psychotherapy).
  3. Contributing to our International Meaning Conferences.
  4. Contributing to our websites (e.g., and social media pages (e.g. the INPM Facebook Page and the Meaningful Living Project Facebook group).
  5. Organizing Meaningful Living Groups in different cities.
  6. Organizing local chapters of the INPM.
  7. Liaising with other associations.
  8. Serving on various committees (e.g., publication, website, education, etc.)
  9. Serving on the Board of Directors.

These benefits apply to Regular Memberships, Professional Memberships, and Student Memberships. In order to make the INPM accessible and affordable, we have kept our membership fees low and have not increased its dues for more than 15 years.

Professional members are for those with a graduate or professional degree; this type of membership is designed for members who need professional status in their career.