Course Materials 2017

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Downloads for What Makes for a Happy and Healthy Marriage (Jan-Jun 2017)

What Makes for a Happy and Healthy Marriage?

Updated June 6, 2017

Lesson 1: How to Repair and Strengthen Your Marital Foundation (Outline) PDF DOC
Lesson 1: Marriage Beliefs Test (Handout) PDF DOC
Lesson 2: How to Improve Your Marriage with Good Communication (Outline) PDF DOC
Lesson 2: Communication Skills Tracking Sheet (Handout) PDF DOC
Lesson 3: How to Reduce and Resolve Marital Conflicts (Outline) PDF DOC
Lesson 3: Marital Problems Questionnaire / Fair Fighting: Ground Rules (Handout) PDF DOC
Lesson 4: How to Cultivate Love in Your Marriage Love (Outline) PDF DOC
Lesson 4: Love Map/Love Quiz (Handout) PDF DOC
Lesson 5: The Different Faces of Marital Happiness (Outline) PDF DOC
Lesson 5: Marital Happiness as Function of Age / Triangular Theory of Love / Six Types of Love / Four Types of Happiness (Handout) PDF DOC
Lesson 6: What is the Meaning of Marriage? (Outline) PDF DOC
Lesson 6: Healthy Marriage Checklist / Review Questions (Handout) PDF DOC