Course Materials 2012

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Downloads for March 2012 Course

Journey of Personal Development

Click here to view the video report of the 2012 M4L MeetUp.

Orientation PPT
Lesson 1 Who Are You? Discover the True Self You Never Knew PPT
Lesson 2 What Really Matters in Life? Choose Your Value-Orientation PPT
Lesson 3 How Do I Live a Good Life? Choose the Road Less Travelled PPT
Lesson 4 Is Life Worth Living? Viktor Frankl Shows Us How to Make Life Worth Living No Matter What PPT
Lesson 5 What is the Meaning of Meaning in Life? Embark on the Quest for Meaning PPT
Lesson 6 How Do I Find Happiness in Difficult Times? Discover the Sources of True Happiness PPT
Lesson 7 How Do I Pack More Meaning into My Daily Life? Use the PURE Model as a Guide PPT
Lesson 8 How Do I Overcome Adversity? Equip Yourself with the Right Attitude & Outlook on Life PPT
Lesson 9 How do I Overcome Adversity? Learn the ABCDE Model to Build Resilience PPT Exercise (DOC)
Lesson 10 What Do I Do When I Feel Stuck or Trapped? Learn to Use the Double Vision Strategy PPT Exercise
Lesson 11 How Do I Live Life to the Fullest? Discover the Yin-Yang Way PPT Summary (DOC)

Exercise (DOC)

Lesson 12 What is the Key to Better Relationships? Learn Why Other People Matter PPT Summary (DOC)

Exercise (DOC)

Lesson 13 How Do I Make Life Better? learn the Meaning-Centered Pathways to Well-Being PPT  Summary (DOC)
Celebration Highlights from Trip to Tokyo Trip Highlights (PPT) Lecture Tour (PPT)