Course Materials 2011

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Downloads for June 2011 Course

Journey of Personal Development

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Discussion Topics PDF
Lesson 1 We Live Only Once Outline (PDF)
Summary (PDF)
Exercise (PDF) PPT
Lesson 2 Human Agency and Free Will Outline (PDF)
Summary (PDF)
Control Attribution Scale (PDF) PPT
Lesson 3 The Human Quest for Meaning Outline (PDF)
Summary (PDF)
Quest for Meaning Scale (PDF) PPT
Lesson 4 What is the meaning of Life? How to Discover Meaning According to Victor Frankl Outline (PDF) The Meaningful Living Scale & SWLS (PDF) PPT
Lesson 5 What is the Good Life? The Major Sources of Meaning & Happiness Outline (PDF) The Brief Personal Meaning Profile (PMP-B) (PDF) PPT
Lesson 6 The PURE Principle of Flourishing (Part 1) Outline (PDF) Exercise (The PURE Test) (PDF) PPT
Lesson 7 The PURE Principle of Flourishing (Part 2) Outline (PDF) Purpose in Life Test (PDF) PPT
Lesson 8 Life Intelligence: Understanding Who You Are & What Life is All About Outline (PDF) The Life Intelligence Test (LQT) (PDF) PPT
Lesson 9 Responsibility: Do the Right Thing or Face the Consequences The Rippling Effect Test (RET) (PDF) PPT
Lesson 10 Pathways to Happiness & Flourishing Meaningful Living Self-Assessment Scale (PDF) PPT
Overview Search for Meaning Screening Test (SMST) (PDF) PPT

Meaning-Centered Comprehensive Resilience: A glimpse of some of the information you’ll learn in this course. According to Wong’s meaning-centered approach, a comprehensive resilience program contains at least the following ten lessons.

  1. Purposes and life goals
  2. Understanding the self and one’s place in the world
  3. Freedom and responsibility in the face of many options but a finite life
  4. The right and wrong pathways to happiness
  5. Courage to accept internal and external constraints
  6. Faith and belief in a better future
  7. Commitment to growth
  8. Discovering the hidden dimensions of self and new frontiers of life
  9. The power of altruism, empathy, compassion, and self-transcendence
  10. Positive thinking, attribution, and meaning-management