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Decoding Peterson’s
12 Rules for Life

Dr. Paul Wong &
Dr. Gordon Carkner


Decoding Peterson’s
12 Rules for Life

Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos (Random House) is currently the No. 1 bestseller on Amazon, in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. This phenomenal success makes us wonder why this book attracts so much attention and whether we all can benefit from reading it.

Unfortunately, Peterson is such a polarized public figure that people either love him or hate him. His anti-PC campaign has contributed to this celebrity status, but this notoriety has also made him the target of hatred for an equal, if not a greater, number of people. Consequently, his detractors simply dismiss his book offhand without reading it, while his fans embrace him hook, line, and sinker without fully understanding it.

My attempt to decode Peterson is for both groups of people. I believe that if one can get past his transgender pronoun battle and understand his complicated language of using metaphors, myths, and riddles in articulating his ideas, one will discover that he has something original and significant to contribute to the academic dialogue on such important topics as the meaning of suffering and how to live a good life…

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Had an amazing day with Drs. Paul and Lilian Wong. The air in that house makes you breathe happiness, comfort, respect, and unconditional care. I am so happy to see them each time… I remember my first time there back in 2011, I got “glued” and attended all 10 sessions and got back on my feet after each visit. You cannot go in and get out without loading a lot to survive in our current days. Each time I got out of that house… I realized how rich I am, how empowered I became. The energy and unconditional love is incommensurable! Thank you both! You are an amazing couple.

Drana Frum



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Meaningful Living Project

As the educational arm of the International Network on Personal Meaning, the Meaningful Living Project offers series of Meetups based on topics related to meaning in different areas of our lives.

Currently, Dr. Paul Wong and Dr. Lilian Wong host a Meetup in their warm home in Toronto, Canada. Each Meetup, you can expect to an interesting and insightful lecture followed by an open and lively discussion. Experience it for yourself!

The Meetup helps meet our basic psychological needs for wellbeing, healing, and flourishing.
The Meetup is free, inclusive, organic, and based in the community.
The Meetup focuses on both personal growth and the betterment of society and the world.
The Meetup is based on the latest positive psychology research and time-tested wisdom from both East and West.

Meetup Hosts

Dr. Paul Wong & Dr. Lilian Wong

Dr. Paul Wong is a Registered Psychologist, Professor Emeritus of Trent University, and Fellow of the APA and CPA. Founder of meaning therapy and foremost expert in second wave positive psychology, Paul’s passion is to help people find healing and flourishing despite suffering.
Dr. Lilian Wong is a Registered Psychotherapist with over two decades of experience working with children and adolescents as a psycho-educational consultant and school psychologist in public school boards in Ontario and British Columbia.
Live at #MC2018

Decoding Peterson’s
12 Rules for Life

Dr. Paul Wong &
Dr. Gordon Carkner

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