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Learn the fundamental principles of being a good person and the roadmap of living a flourishing, fulfilled life.Join us on Meetup!

If you are not already part of our group, we warmly welcome you to join the Toronto Meaningful Living Meetup Group. Click here to go to our Meetup page and register for the dates.

Or, you can support our movement on Facebook! "Like" our Meaningful Living Project page and show your support by posting or commenting on the page. We appreciate and gladly welcome any discussions on meaning and meaningful living posted on the page wall. We hope that this page will become an active part of the Meaningful Living Project. photos, links, ideas or thoughts pertaining to meaningful living

The Meaningful Living Project

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10 Reasons to Join the Meaningful Living Project

  1. Discover who you really are and what you're meant to be.
  2. Learn how to become a better and happier person.
  3. Discover your purpose and passion for living.
  4. Discover the roadmap to fulfill your mission in life.
  5. Learn what makes for the good life and how to achieve it.
  6. Develop a positive and hopeful mindset.
  7. Learn how to make a difference in the world.
  8. Learn the keys to better relationships.
  9. Learn how to transform crises into opportunities.
  10. Meet new friends and help each other to grow psychologically and spiritually.

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The M4L is open to anyone interested in the search for meaning in life. Should you not be able to attend our local meetings, do not despair, our free online course, "A Practical Guide to Meaningful Live", will be available to you shortly. Although the online course is still in its preliminary stages, registration begins now. To register/sign-up, please do the following:

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Meaningful Living Group

Feel free to download, but you need Dr. Wong’s permission to present or quote any part of these materials. 


Join us on Sunday, February 22 @ 5 p.m. for our Chinese New Year Celebration Potluck. Click here to RSVP.

The next Personal Development Course will run March 1, 8, & 15, 2015.

Become a member of the Toronto Meaningful Living Group on for updates on upcoming events.

Past Lessons…

Click here to view the course description for the most recent cycle, the Journey of Personal Development.

A figure that captures the essentials of the three lessons:

An Integrative and Meaning-Centered Approach to a Good Life

A Journey of Personal Development (Part 3): Self-Discovery, Healing, and Growth
Download the description of this session.
Click here to download the presentation slides.

A Journey of Personal Development (Part 2): Self-Discovery, Healing, and Growth
Download the description of this session.
Click here to download the presentation slides.

A Journey of Personal Development (Part 1): Self-Discovery, Healing, and Growth
Click here for the Self-Reflection Exercises
Click here to download the presentation slides

M4L 2013

M4L 2013 – Lesson 12
How to live a good life: The Meaning-Centered approach to well-being
Download the Lesson 12 Description here.
Download the .ppt here.


M4L 2013 – Lesson 11
What’s the best way to face reality? Learn the Yin-Yang principle.
Download the Lesson 11 Description here.
Download the .ppt here.


M4L 2013 – Lesson 10
What do I do when I feel stuck or trapped? Use the double vision strategy.
Download the Lesson 10 Description here.
Download the .ppt here.


M4L 2013 – Lesson 9
How do I overcome adversity? Use the ABCDE Strategy to build resilience.
Download the Lesson 9 Description here.
Download the .ppt here.


M4L 2013 – Lesson 8
What is the key to better relationships? Learn why other people matter.
Download the Lesson 8 Description here.
Download the .ppt here.


M4L 2013 – Lesson 7
Why meaning can make all the difference in your life
Download the Lesson 7 Description here.
Download the .ppt here.


M4L 2013 – Lesson 6
How can I find happiness when things don’t go my way?
Download the Lesson 6 Description here.
Download the .ppt here.


M4L 2013 – Lesson 5
What is the meaning of meaning? Learn where & how to find it.
Download the Lesson 5 Description here.
Download the .ppt here.


M4L 2013 – Lesson 4
Is life worth living? Discover Viktor Frankl’s profound answer
Download the Lesson 4 Description here.
Download the .ppt here.


M4L 2013 – Lesson 3
Make your life count: Discover what really matters
Download the Lesson 3 Description here.
Download the .ppt here.


M4L 2013 – Lesson 2
Know yourself: The foundation for a meaningful life – Part 2
Download the Lesson 2 Description here.
Download the .ppt here.
(Further explanation can be found in the notes beneath each slide).


M4L 2013 – Lesson 1
Know yourself: The foundation for a meaningful life – Part 1
Download the Lesson 1 Description here.
Download the .ppt here.


M4L 2013 – Introduction to the Meaningful Living Group
Download the .ppt here.

Course Materials for M4L 2012

You can find the Powerpoints and Lesson Summaries for the 2012 M4L Course under “Course Materials“. Click here to view the video report of our 2012 M4L Meetup. Course materials for the 2013 Meetups will be post above.

Course Materials for M4L 2011

You can find the Lecture Exercises, Outlines and Powerpoints for the 2011 M4L Course under “Course Materials“. You can also watch YouTube clips from previous Meetups here. Nothing has been posted for the online course yet but stay tuned.

7 Reasons for the Success of our Meaningful Living Project

1) It is community-based and free.
2) It is organic and inclusive.
3) It meets people’s basic psychological needs for well-being and flourishing.
4) It is intellectually stimulating and experientially enriching.
5) It is based on the latest positive psychology research and time-tested wisdom from East and West.
6) It focuses on not only personal growth but also the betterment of the world.
7) It provides a new vision for personal and global transformation.

INPM President’s Annual Report for 2011

We are on the cusp of something greater than our expectations; the time for the idea of meaning has arrived. Ultimately, all the scientific progress and personal successes in the world will not result in global flourishing until people and decision makers grasp the significant role of meaningful living in achieving sustainable growth for individuals and society.
Read the full report here


Safe and Effective Use of Self in Psychotherapy Certificate

​30 hours of Graduate-Level Professional Training

*This course will next be offered April 25, 26, May 2, 3, 2015*

View Course Description.

Register for the course.



First Congress on the Construction of Personal Meaning:
Exploring What Makes Life Worth Living
July 24-27, 2014, Vancouver

Meaning Conference 2014

This congress combines the International Network on Personal Meaning’s 8th Biennial International Meaning Conference and the Constructivist Psychology Network’s 16th Biennial Conference. Click here for registration & details.


INPM Summer Institute 2013
Meaning Therapy: New Developments
August 16-18

INPM Summer Institute 2013

We invite you to join us at the INPM Summer Institute which will be held at the Delta Toronto East Hotel, August 16-18. This two-and-a-half day intensive training on meaning therapy is led by Dr. Paul T. P. Wong, internationally renowned for meaning therapy and meaning research. This will be a rare opportunity to learn from the master the latest innovations and positive interventions in meaning therapy.
Click here for more details.

The Toronto Meaningful Living Group

Toronto Meaningful Living Group

A picture from our 2nd Anniversary on Victoria Day, 2013

Highlights of the Meaning Conference - July 26-29, 2012

Here are some exciting highlights of this year's Meaning Conference:

1) The only conference where leaders from Positive Psychology, Humanistic/Existential Psychology, Constructivist Psychology, and Indigenous Psychology met under the same roof to wrestle with substantial issues of meaning.

2) We have 13 keynote speakers, 15 invited speakers, more than 20 professional workshops, and more than 100 presentations.

3) Premiere screening of two award-winning documentaries:

a) Viktor & I, by Alexander Vesely, Austrian filmmaker and grandson of Viktor Frankl.

b) A Drop of Sunshine, by Indian filmmaker Aparna Sanyal.

4) TVO's Big Ideas program taped some of the keynote speakers for their show.

5) A part of the documentary: "What makes life worth living" was filmed at the conference.

Meaning Conference 2012

The International Network on Personal Meaning (INPM) is pleased to announce the 7th Biennial International Meaning Conference to be held July 26-29, 2012 in Toronto, Canada. The main conference theme is: A Positive Global Vision of Healing and Flourishing through Meaning.

In today’s climate of global economic uncertainty, geopolitical conflicts, ecological crisis, and the widening gap between haves and have-nots, the meaning perspective offers a promising vision to resolve these challenging global issues and achieve sustainable growth for both individuals and society.

Full Details Here

Say "No" to Happiness (on CBC radio)

Life is about being happy, right? Just ask the Dalai Lama...or any of the best-selling authors on the subject...or the scientists who study the benefits of being happy. But are we losing something else along the way: the need for meaning in our lives? IDEAS producer Frank Faulk examines the tension between our desire for happiness and our need for meaning.

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project.

Daniel Polish, author of Talking About God: Exploring the Meaning of Religious Life with Kierkegaard, Buber, Tillich and Heschel.

Todd Kashdan, author of Designing Positive Psychology.

Jordan B. Peterson, author of Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief.

Sound interesting? Please visit to listen to the full broadcast.

Both Todd Kashdan and Jordan Peterson will be speaking at our upcoming Meaning Conference. See Meaning Conference Keynote Speakers for more details.

Poetry Corner

The Sea and Me
Paul T. P. Wong

I love walking along the secret beach
On the soft yellow sand
Leaving my lonely footprints
For the caressing waves

I love sitting on the giant rocks
Feeling the sea breeze and
The salty air on my lips
Watching the seagulls fly by

I love plunging into the sea
To embrace all of you
From the depths of your soul
To your ever sparkling eyes

I love watching the sunset
The darkening horizon
The vanishing ships as
I say goodbye to my youth

For more poems, please click here.

Poems dedicated to our friends in Japan can be found here

A Tribute to Joseph Fabry

As the 2nd edition of the Human Quest for Meaning has just been published, we are reminded of a former but influential contributor, Joseph Fabry. To read more about our friend and visionary storyteller, please click here.

Giving Positive Psychology Away

Read Dr. Wong's latest article on "Giving Positive Psychology Away" on p. 9 of the Spring issue of Psynopsis. Click here to read!